Natalia Paris celebrates 40 years of life today

The beautiful paisa can say that she has lived these four decades to the fullest. In her resume are the roles of model, businesswoman, DJ, actress and mother. See our special.

Paris has been one of the Models most recognized of Colombia, and one of the favorites by designers and big brands.

It has been the image of clothing brands, beer and different designers. Her famous curves were the cover of a renowned collection of notebooksfor four years.

Natalie Paris let the catwalks rest for a while and a few years ago it ventured into the world of turntables, becoming one of the DJ most desired in the country.

La paisa made her debut in the world of cinema in the film by Dago Garcia, Infraganti in which he not only had to show his famous attributes, but also had to demonstrate his histrionics in front of the cameras.

Nothing better than starting the week celebrating the birthday of @NataliaParis_ in #The rooster of @Radioacktiva_

– Pacho Cardona (@gacelacardona) August 12, 2013

today in his #Birthday a kiss for @NataliaParis_ who doesn’t know me but I have always followed his successful career very closely. Congratulations

— David Bedoya (@dbedoyah) August 12, 2013

Happy birthday, God bless you always and have a good time ♥ @NataliaParis_

– María Fernanda R. (@MafeRodriiguez) August 12, 2013

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