Natalia Jerez on Instagram: how did she shape her body after pregnancy?

How God brought her into the world! This is how the actress Natalia Jerez came out on Instagram, and she has a tremendous body. We show you how she shaped it after her pregnancy.

Only 5 months have passed since the moment when the actress Natalia Jerez gave birth to her daughter and today, when shared with the world through his Instagram account the results of his strong training, and he did it with everything! Without any clothes.

How to recover the figure after a pregnancy? The answer is given by Natalia Jerez on Instagram

It wasn’t overnight, or a miracle, at all; the stylized body of this actress after her pregnancy It is the result of a strict exercise routine in the gym.

“For those who have asked me, I had my daughter by natural birth and I started exercising on the 41st day after giving birth, each body is unique. What if it was hard for me to resume? Of course, however, I like to do sports since I was a child, here I go and every day I feel stronger! What if I have enough time to exercise now that I’m a mom? Not so much, however, personally it makes me happy to feel healthy and full of energy, even more so now that I have a daughter, and One way to achieve this is by exercising at least three times a I organize myself, do somersaults and take the time, «explained Natalia in said social network.

Here are some exercises that this famous performs

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