Names of succulents: so you will easily recognize them

Sometimes the succulent names they are too tangled and it is even super difficult for us to pronounce them. The task of recognizing them is very complicated and that is why we want to tell you how they are normally called.

Succulents are one of the most famous plant species in the world because they are present on all 5 continents. Regardless of the climate, these plants have managed to adapt to survive in dry, humid or desert spaces and even to be the perfect decoration to harmonize spaces in the home.

This article is dedicated to letting you know the most common names of plants of this type and also to learn how to grow succulents at home, and take care of them with all of the law:

Names of succulents in Spanish

In Spanish everything is easier! Sometimes, many succulent plants have their scientific name and the truth is that they are extremely tangled. So that you know something more and you can call them in our native language, we tell you some of their names:

  • Cotyledon
  • Paraguayan (Graptopetalum)
  • echeveria
  • Everlastings (Sempervivum)
  • Living stones (Lithops)
  • Succulent mother-in-law’s seat (Cchinocactus
  • Angel Wing Cactus (Opuntias)

Common Succulent Names

There are some plants that you may not even know which family of succulents they belong to. When they name them, we immediately have their image in our heads, but among these very common plants, many come from types of succulents such as cacti, with stems and without stems, crassulas, Agavaceae, among others. Take a look at these well-known names and find out which family they belong to:

  • Aloe vera: (Asphodelaceae family)
  • Bromeliad: (Family Bromeliaceae)
  • Jade: (Crassula Ovata)
  • Agave: (Asparagaceae)
  • Sanseveria (Ruscaceae)

Collectible Succulent Names

There is a very special group! Every family has its elite member and succulent plants are no exception. 8 groups of non-cacti plants are called «collection» since they are the most famous and representative in the world. More and more people are encouraged to have them at home for their beautiful appearance. In case you want to start the collection, we share the names of these illustrious groups:

  • echeveria
  • Haworthia
  • Crassula
  • Euphorbia
  • pit
  • huernia
  • Aloe
  • Sempervivum

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