Names of horror movies, that you have to see yes or yes!

We bring for you in this top 5 the horror movie names that you must see at least once in your life, they are like to bite your nails.

If you are a fan of cinema but even more of horror movies, we have for you a top 5 that is enough to prepare popcorn and get under the covers. You will surely give more than one jump watching these horror films that are really quite scary.

Horror Movie Names: hereditary

After the death of the Graham family matriarch, her daughter, Annie, moves into the house with her family. Annie hopes to forget the problems she had in her childhood beyond her, but everything gets complicated when her daughter begins to see ghostly figures.


A young woman named Lucie escapes from a desolate old building used to torture test subjects, where she had been imprisoned and physically abused. Her story gets quite complicated and you will surely begin to breathe heavily with this horror film.

Let me out

Chris goes to meet the parents of Rose, his girlfriend. At first they are charming, if a little nervous. Chris assumes it’s because he’s black, but a little later he discovers that his in-laws are hiding a creepy secret.

The others

It is the year 1945 and just after World War II, Grace awaits the return of her husband who is fighting in the war. However, the house where she lives will cause her to take a big surprise that will put her life and her children’s lives at stake in a chilling way.

The invisible man

A mad scientist fakes his suicide, then uses his invisibility to terrify his ex-partner, who decides to confront the invisible man herself after the police don’t believe his story.

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