Names of action movies that are super recognized

maybe there is movie names of action that you don’t even remember but we are going to help you by reminding you or recommending them so that you can see them and have fun.

Action movies have everything you need to have a great time because they are surely part of your favorite genre. Persecutions, jumps, kicks and betrayals are part of action movies, enough spices to attract us and keep us in front of the screen without blinking for a single second while the whole truth is discovered.

In the event that you want to know the most remembered martial arts movies in history or the titles of some good action films, then we make you a record that you will like:

new action movie names

You may be a fan of Ryan Reynolds’ work and in that case, you’re going to love his movie called free-guy. In it, the story of a bank worker is told, who realizes that he is a character who acts under the same parameters as any character in a video game.

Good action movie names

Video game lovers are going to enjoy like children the homonymous tape of the well-known Mortal Kombat. The movie revolves around the characters that you have known for a long time, such as Sub-Zero, and who will carry out great battles to take you to the universe of fights that you have experienced since you were a child.

Netflix Action Movie Names

Through this famous platform is available the army of the dead. This film places viewers in the appearance of a group of zombies in Las Vegas, United States. A team of mercenaries risk everything and venture into the quarantine area to pull off the biggest heist they’ve ever attempted in their lives.

Names of action and love movies

An unforgettable of films of this type is Friends with benefits. A couple of friends decide to put themselves to the test by maintaining passionate relationships with each other but knowing that they would not fall in love. Obviously, things get out of control before they can imagine it.

Amazon Prime Action Movie Names

Bourne: The Ultimatum It is one of the best films ever made in action cinema. Matt Damon embodies in her a man without a country, without a past and without memory. His physical and mental conditions had turned him into a killing machine, until the CIA itself decided to turn its back on him and leave him to his fate.

Action movie names in english

We could not leave out of this list one of the jewels of cinema of all time. Scarface, masterfully starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana, tells the story of a cold and ruthless Cuban immigrant who settles in the city of Miami with the sole purpose of becoming a major gangster to earn money, improve his position and become the king of the city.

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