Nails of various colors, 7 divine ideas!

The variety of styles allows us to look unique and original. Get to know these options for you to decorate your multi colored nails.

It is no longer just the nail of the ring finger, now the fashion is to decorate the nails in various colors, but not in any way, it has its science. All the colors of enamels that the market offers (and there can easily be thousands of them, taking into account the variety of shades), What is your favorite?

We know that the answer to this question is not easy; That is why we give you an alternative that will leave you happy: wear five colors at once! You will love this.

You’ll love these multi-color nail ideas

Opaque and intense

A perfect design for rectangular nails, which conveys freshness and joy.

cotton candy

You can also use several colors, but in a very light pastel tone; ideal for delicate hands that do not want to attract attention.


If all eyes are on you, try this option, without a doubt one of the riskiest in the list of multi-colored nails. Here you can play with bright and strong tones.

neutral tones

But if, on the other hand, you woke up wanting to sigh while watching the rain fall, this decoration is for you.

Terracotta, the ligth version of multi-colored nails

These tones will give you a sober and professional air. It includes the nude, you will see how it combines beautifully. This range looks great on short nails.

bright and flirty

And if you have an informal party, rumba or celebration, you can opt for this multicolored and iridescent decoration.

And the last option to paint your nails in various colors: El Francés

Instead of painting the ends of your nails white, try putting a different color on each of them.

Of all the above, which one do you prefer? Write what you think in the comments about painting your nails in various colors and share it on your social networks! Your friends will love it.

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