Nail designs for young feet

10 nail designs for youthful feet, beautiful and easy to do yourself at home. Take note!

If you think that fashionable toenail decoration is very ladylike and makes you look older, don’t worry, here are some ideas according to your age.

Nail designs for young feet

Many times we girls keep a perfect manicure, but we neglect our toenails, especially if we live in cold weather. It is something that needs to be changed, but with style!

That is why at Vibra we set out to find some designs that we know fit your style and personality, so that you always look like a magazine model’s feet.


Floating flowers, like in a multicolored water garden, will make your feet look very cute.


With ladybugs there is no loses; no matter how old you are, your feet will rejuvenate with this decoration.


Continuing with the points, how about you dare to try bigger ones, until they are circles? With acid colors they look great.



For cat lovers, we propose a pedicure inspired by these little animals, but light, unsophisticated, inspired by comics.


Paint each nail a different color and then pass a layer of glitter, that will give you a very fun and youthful decoration.


And if what you like are Disney characters, here we have a couple of ideas that you will surely love.



Do you like anise sweets? They are also a great design for light and playful nails.


Finally, let yourself be carried away by the geometric charm of tribal designs. A subtle but youthful pedicure.

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With information from: Good House Keeping