Nail art easy to do at home

With this easy-to-make nail decoration, you yourself can manage to show off very well-presented hands without much complication.

If you are one of those who becomes a disaster when you try make yourself cute nail decorations that are seen on the Internet, cool!

It has happened to all of us; We get excited seeing a tutorial that seems easy to do, but when we want to put it into practice, we can’t and we end up with a reality different from what we expected.

easy to do nail art

Despite how difficult it is to make a good design, it is possible to look great even if you are not an expert manicurist, you just have to know choose the correct tutorials

At Vibra we did it for you. Below you will find several «step by step» nails that are very easy, but that look professional. Dare to try and tell us how it goes!

Ladybugs in 5 steps

Even if you don’t like bugs, you will surely have an exception with ladybugs, because they are so cute and feminine that we want to have them in our hands.

a nice spiral

The spirals have a spiritual meaning, as they symbolize eternity and continuity. Holding these figures in your hands is a declaration of peace.

Penguins, a very cute decoration

These birds are perhaps the easiest to represent visually, so their design will be very comfortable for you, even if you are a beginner.

You don’t need a pulse to make this mustache on your nails

The Moschino-type mustache was super fashionable some time ago, however, this design is here to stay, so you can do it now and in just 4 simple steps.

Panda bear, who no longer walks…

And continuing with the black and white animals, you can also draw a panda. This design requires more steps, but it’s also super easy.

Vampire nails for Halloween

We chose a nail decoration for Halloween that you will love, because you can do it in no time. And it is that your nails can also be disguised.

and at christmas

Since we are talking about seasonal manicures, would you like to celebrate a Christmas for your nails in December? Start practicing with a simple but cute design, the classic hat!

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