Myths and truths of tattoos, you are interested!

It is increasingly common to see tattooed women, but the number of people who try to erase them from their body has also grown, on this subject we will tell you some myths and truths about tattoos.

The expert on this topic Mario Sanchez who is director Commercial, Marketing and Expansion of Tatualiareveals the most common truths and lies about tattoo removal.

A study carried out by Tatualia has discovered that after 5 years of having a tattoo done, 60% of people regret having done it on their body. Has it happened to you?

On this subject, it is worth clarifying that the use of Laser is the only way to achieve the erasure of a tattoo, however, many people are afraid or do not believe in this technique.

9 Myths and truths about tattoos

#1. Tattoos are not completely removed. Fake!: In most cases, tattoos can be completely removed thanks to a type of laser, specially developed for this. This laser generates pulses of energy with a specific wavelength on the skin.

#two. Tattoos can be removed with methods other than lasers. Fake!: On the Internet, there is a lot of misleading advertising for miracle creams that claim to remove tattoos. Laser is the only method with proven and clinically tested effectiveness.

#3. There are colors that are very difficult to remove. Real!: Pink, yellow and white are the most resistant colors to laser sessions. However, it depends a lot on the tattoo and the skin of each patient.

#4. It hurts much. Fake!: Mario Sánchez explains that the laser session can cause discomfort depending on the pain threshold of each person.

#5. The laser is dangerous. Fake!: The laser is safe as long as it is in expert hands. It is simply light charged with energy, and it does not have any of the risks associated with the radiation that is used when doing radiological examinations.

#6. Results take a long time to be noticeable. Fake!: Results can be seen from the first session.

#7. It takes many sessions to completely remove a tattoo. Fake!: Not all tattoos are the same. Generally, to remove a tattoo, at least 4 sessions are necessary, although it depends on many factors such as age, depth of drawing, amount and type of ink used, and skin color, among others.

#8. Recent tattoos cannot be removed. Real!: To remove a recent tattoo, the ideal is to wait six months, since that is when the skin is ready to start removing it without any problem and with guarantees.

#9. The treated area cannot be re-tattooed. Fake!: There is no problem in re-tattooing the area where a previous tattoo has been removed, as long as the advice of specialists is followed.

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