Mostacilla necklaces: jewelry that makes you feel like a queen

The beaded necklaces They are more fashionable than ever. Here we show you some divine models that you will love.

The costume jewelry is a part of jewelry whose materials have no value such as stones or precious metals, and among them we find these beads with which all kinds of accessories can be made, from earrings to anklets, through belts and garment decorations.

What is the mustard?

Also known as beads (yes, with C and Q) or beads, it is a series of elements used to make jewelry, which are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in different materials. With them you can make earrings, necklaces and other types of jewelry that do not have precious stones.

Models of necklaces in mustacilla

Below we show you some examples of this type of crafts, so that you can be inspired by them when purchasing them or, why not?, in case you want to make them for yourself, as gifts or for your own business at home.

Czech beads necklaces

These accounts are patented by said republic and are made with molten glass; They have specific colors that are also one of the best kept secrets of jewelry.

Indigenous beads necklaces

Many indigenous jewels are authentic handicrafts and these types of accessories are no exception; They are characterized by their bright, high-contrast colors and geometric figures, as well as being wide and generally covering the entire neckline.

Mostacilla necklaces are very colorful, that’s why they will make you look fresh and youthful, in addition, they are a very fun craft to do as a family. Find a simple pattern, for beginners. You can get it in magazines or on the internet, and try following a tutorial!

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