Most common causes of infidelity among men and women

These are the causes of infidelity more common among people of both genders. What do you think is number one?

After a few bits, whether from your boyfriend to you, from you to him or from close people, many of us wonder what causes infidelity, trying to find a rational answer within the chaos.

That is why we set out to find the most common reasons why men and women fall into infidelity, to understand how we feel and avoid doing things that we will later regret.

4 most common causes of infidelity

You are in the wrong place at the right time

Chance? Believe it or not, sometimes some people put horns solely and exclusively because the opportunity presented itself and they feel they should take advantage of it, because who knows when it will happen again.

Self esteem

Sometimes long relationships make us feel so sure of our mutual love that we neglect small details, like telling our partner how good they look; if another person fills that void, falling into the chunks will be very easy.

Boredom, one of the most absurd causes of infidelity

Although some people can’t stand monogamy because they literally need variety so they don’t get bored, sometimes a person who doesn’t have these inclinations can put on horns only and exclusively because they are bored and want some excitement in their life.

love is over

One or both members of the couple no longer feel butterflies in their stomachs when they see their partner and deduce that they are no longer in love. If they happen to meet someone they like, they might look for lost love in that new person, even if it’s just something sexual.

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