More than 900 dogs confiscated in 2022

Hamburg, December 01, 2022 – According to counts by , 923 animals from illegal transport, sales or breeding were confiscated in the first eleven months of this year. The number of unreported cases is far higher. The Global Foundation for Animal Welfare appeals to all animal lovers not to give away animals at Christmas, as this particularly supports the illegal puppies business.

According to , a particularly large number of animals are usually offered for sale on online platforms in December: The high demand for animal gifts at Christmas fuels the supply of puppies from the illegal puppy trade. As early as November, an average of 19,782 puppy ads were online every day on the three largest German platforms Ebay classifieds, Quoka and DeineTierwelt. Not all of the puppies offered here are illegal – nevertheless: Unregulated online platforms are still the most popular sales channels for illegal puppy traders to do their perfidious business anonymously or under a false identity.