Mónica Rodríguez assured that in her previous job they reviewed social networks

Monica Rodriguez He broke the silence and assured that in one of his previous jobs they reviewed everything he had on his social networks.

It was no secret to anyone that Mónica Rodríguez left Day to day of Canal Caracol, in a quite controversial way and that is why many comments began to be made. However, it was not until this moment that the presenter decided to talk about some issues of her previous work that outraged many of her followers.

What did Mónica Rodríguez say about her social networks and her previous job?

It turns out that due to the situation that has been going on in the country for everything related to tax reform, Mónica Rodríguez decided to join a «Live» on Instagram with Julián Román, Adriana Lucía and Santiago Alarcón. Of course, during the broadcast they shared about different topics and one of the most striking was when they talked about how to deal with political issues on social networks, of course, when they are public figures.

However, when Monica shared one of the situations she experienced in a previous job, this outraged more than one. The presenter assured that in a job she checked her social networks and that on several occasions they made her delete that she worked there together with some of her trills. What generated the rejection of many people who did not agree with these situations being lived in a world in which free expression is supposed to exist.

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