Miss Laura on Instagram apologizes and criticizes abuse of filters

Laura Bozzo issued a statement on her social networks addressed to the media, however, to the Miss Laura on Instagram They criticized her for overdoing the filters.

The Peruvian Laura Bozzo, better known in Colombia as Miss Laura for their programs Laura in America (Peru) and Laura uncensored (Mexico), was very active on social networks during 2021 thanks to her participation in the Mexican reality show The stars dance on today, in which celebrity couples compete on the dance floor. She even drew ridicule for a performance after which she was compared to La Tigresa de Oriente.

Miss Laura on Instagram apologized, but the filters criticized her!

In August 2021, Laura had an arrest warrant issued by Interpol for the alleged tax evasion of approximately 13 million Mexican pesos, which was lifted in November of the same year, although the charges against her are still in force.

That is why many followers were surprised when she apologized to the media through a clip in which she came out posing very sensually with her daughter, the also criticized Alejandra de la Fuente, accused of abusing Photoshop. Here we share the video…

“I apologize to the media that are calling me for interviews!!! For the moment I will keep a total reserve of my projects!!!! A thousand kisses and thanks to God for so many blessings 🙏♥️”

The Peruvian wrote next to the following clip.

Immediately the comments were filled with praise, but also criticism, accusing her of abusing the filters.

“A lot of filters almost disappear 👏”

“Your filter has a bit of a photo 😃😃”

“😂😂😂 I would like to have that face, poor thing, she does not accept her as she is and resorts to so many filters”

“what a walkeeeeeeee WITHOUT filtersssssssss”

“Let’s see without filter 😂”

«And what’s up without filter🥴»

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