Millionaire, dancer and an Internet phenomenon… he is Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian who has become very famous for showing off his “dolce vita” full of extravagances and a luxurious lifestyle through social networks.

He is a millionaire man who shows us the best of life in his own way.

His extravagant looks and luxurious life that he shares on social networks earn him millions of followers.

Dozens of tattoos, a sculpted body and a lot of luxury represent this 49-year-old Italian.

…And a spectacular girlfriend who dances as well as he does…you judge.

Definitely the best are the choreographies.

Pitbull song choreography video.

Video choreography song «shake your sheet».

Of course, he is so famous that they have already made a parody of him and the truth is very good.