Miguel Varoni went through the operating room to look like Maluma

The beloved Colombian actor Miguel Varoni went through the operating room with the idea of ​​resembling to Maluma after the facial rejuvenation that they will do.

Recently Miguel was on everyone’s lips because of his physical appearance, because he looked very skinnysomething that his own wife Catherine Siachoque had to clarify during an interview.

In social networks we realized that the actor and top executive of Telemundo arrived in Bogotá precisely to perform a facial rejuvenation from the hands of Dr. Allan Gonzalez.

Dr. Alan González is a renowned Colombian plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of practice and it wasHe himself who broke the news of Varoni’s surgery.

Miguel Varoni went through the operating room. How would it go?

Let’s remember that when ‘Maluma Baby’ became more famous in Latin America, Miguel Varoni began to publish photos comparing himself to the singer and calling himself ‘Maluma Senior’.

How do you think what Miguel Varoni is going to do? Tell us what has been the strangest thing you have done for vanity.

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