Miguel Varoni is called «toxic» for a comment on Catherine Siachoque’s photo

It is no secret to anyone that they are one of the most stable couples, but this time Miguel Varoni they told him «toxic» for reaction to photo of Catherine Siachoque.

These days, the center of attention in social networks has been Miguel Varoni with his change of look after undergoing several cosmetic surgeries. However, this time many of his followers called him «toxic» because of a comment he left on social networks on a photograph of his wife.

Miguel Varoni’s comment to Catherine Siachoque for which they call him «toxic»

The actress who is starring in the second season of Netflix’s Dark Desire series, wanted to share with her followers what the experience of working with her set partner Alejandro Speitzer had been like. That’s why she wrote next to the photograph “Another wonderful thing about Dark Desire 2 was not only being able to share the set with an actor as talented as Alejandro, but also letting me be his friend! By the way… I want to tell you that he is even more handsome in person (the first day I met him I immediately called Migue and my boss to tell them: “it can’t be, he’s worse than handsome in person”) ”.

However, the attention of his followers immediately went to Miguel’s comment, which wrote a simple “oops”. That is why many assured between laughs that she had let out her «toxic side» and that he had been a little jealous to see his wife’s dedication in networks.

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