Miguel Varoni from ‘Pedro, el Escamoso’, currently looks unrecognizable

It doesn’t seem like they were the same person! Miguel Varoni from ‘Pedro, el Escamoso’, currently looks unrecognizable.

On April 19, 2001, viewers witnessed the arrival of one of the most iconic and remembered characters on Colombian television. It was about Peter Choralthe protagonist of the successful telenovela ‘Peter the Flaky’.

Miguel Varoni from ‘Pedro, el Escamoso’, currently looks unrecognizable

His style, his way of dancing, dressing and even his way of expressing himself became a fashion at that time, which was replicated by both children and adults.

The person in charge of giving life to this wonderful character was the renowned actor Miguel Varoniwho with his charisma and great talent managed to reap a successful career from this role.

Since then the actor has not reappeared in other television productions; nevertheless, this does not mean that he has completely moved away from television. He is now the vice president and creative director of Telemundo Studios, a prestigious developer.

But apparently his work has not been the only thing that has changed in recent years, because his current look is completely different. Now he has some gray hair and wrinkles that make him look much more attractive.

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