Men take 8 seconds to fall in love

Have you ever wondered how long it can take a man to fall at your feet?

A study that was done in the United Kingdom in which 115 students participated, was carried out to answer this question. The results were published in Archives of Sexual Behavior and the goal was to measure the exact length of time it takes for a man to fall in love at first sight with a woman. The answer? Just 8.2 seconds.

To the students (there were men and women) they were put in contact with actresses and actors and were watched by secret cameras that measured the time of their visual contacts. After interacting with each other, the students were asked which actresses were the most attractive and the students which actors were the most attractive.

“The actresses rated as pretty by the students had been watched for at least 8.2 seconds as recorded by the cameras, while the not-so-pretty ones had only been watched for no more than 4.5 seconds. In the case of women, the same did not happen since they observed the actors (the attractive ones and not so much) during similar periods of time «informs the site

The interesting thing about the study, whether or not one believes that love can be measured, is that it reveals the strategies used to find a partner by men. In them, sight seems to be paramount.

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