Men also play with dolls (Video)

A commercial for the famous Barbie doll breaks stereotypes and shows us how full-fledged men play with dolls, of course, they are parents and they do it to share time with their daughters.

The ad was broadcast a few days ago during a football game, with millions of male eyes on the screens, and several fathers playing with their daughters appear in it, reported the Slate portal.

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“I am a typical man”, start by saying the first. «Sundays that are always to watch football, now they are now interrupted with a little time to play with Barbies»

Love this picture! #dadswhoplaybarbie @Barbie

— Kristen Taekman (@KristenTaekman) January 23, 2017

In social networks several users have already used the label #DadsWhoPlayBarbie (Dads who play Barbie), to support Mattel’s proposal to get rid of prejudices and normalize dads who play with their girls and dolls.

Memories that will last a lifetime!! ?@Barbie #DadsWhoPlayBarbie

— SwickFamilyVlogs (@SwickFamilyVlog) January 27, 2017

«The time you spend in their imaginary world is an investment in their real world,» concludes the commercial and conveys the idea that the accompaniment of parents in their daughters’ games is necessary to contribute to their development.

This is the commercial for Mattel, a major manufacturer of dolls and other popular toys, which is taking the Internet by storm in just 90 seconds.

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