Memes of the birthday of Don Martín in Passion of hawks

In Passion of Hawks They forgot an important date for the Elizondos, that’s why these appeared don martin birthday memes.

The retransmission of this production through Canal Caracol is having a positive impact on the rating, in such a way that it is ranking number one in audience during these days of quarantine.

And it is that this telenovela, which aired for the first time in 2003, has filled viewers with nostalgia, who remember those years with melancholy.

That is why many Colombians curiously seek what has happened to the actors who appeared in the series, such as Norma and Juan’s baby, who turned out to be a girl and not a boy.

These are the best memes of Don Martín’s birthday

Well, in a recent chapter, all the characters completely forgot that it was Don Martín Acevedo’s (Jorge Cao) birthday, except for Pepita (Lady Noriega), who serenaded him. The memes did not wait…

It is not the first time that the networks are filled with memes around this soap opera. It just started broadcasting, many Internet users did their thing with the fall of the Reyes brothers’ cabin.

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