Melina Ramírez showing more before giving birth?

Melina Ramírez is considered one of the most beautiful women in Colombia, that is why she always has the eyes of many about what she does in her day to day.

Of course, now that she is just a few days away from having her first baby, it could not be the exception. It turns out that Melina posted a photo of her on her Instagram account where she appears wearing lace underwear and one of her followers did not hesitate to reproach her for the provocativeness of her image, assuring that she saw her all the time. breast of her

Lady have a little modesty and respect. There in that photo you can see all the pout.

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As expected, Melina did not remain silent and decided to respond to the woman who criticized her, stating “Nooo… Where do you see yourself? I only see lace but suddenly I am seeing badly” accompanied by several emojis of faces dying of laughter.

However, that was not the only negative comment that the presenter received in the photo, as several people assured that she should stop appearing. «naked» on her social networks because soon she was going to have her son and she had to be his example to follow. These were some of the messages:

I want to talk about the pregnancy, but do I show my boobs? Is the new mode?

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Her clothes don’t even fit anymore but she insists and puts them on however she can, so much so that her breasts came out on the sides.

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It would be cuter if you showed your belly and not your boobs.

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What do you think of the photos published by Melina Ramírez pregnant?

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