Melina Ramírez said yes to Juan Manuel M. in a romantic proposal

In the last few hours, Melina Ramírez said yes to Juan Manuel M. in a romantic marriage proposal that he made on the beach. How romantic!

In January 2020, the beautiful model and presenter from Cali surprised her thousands of followers after some photographs were shared enjoying a wonderful trip to the sea with what would be her new love, the handsome actor Juan Manuel Mendoza.

At the time, many speculated on social networks that «this would be something temporary» because at that time the host of «My name is» had just ended her relationship with the winner of the 2017 Super Human Challenge, Mateo Carvajal, with whom she even had to his little son Salvador… But it wasn’t like that!

For almost two years the couple was very happy enjoying the honeys of love, so much so that in the last few hours they released news that left many speechless.

Melina Ramírez said yes to Juan Manuel M. in a romantic proposal on the beach

Well, through romantic publications made through their Instagram accounts, both the actor and the presenter revealed that they will unite their lives forever, because in a romantic marriage proposal, Melina gave Juan Manuel a resounding yes. How gorgeous!

And how was it? Well, in the middle of a dreamy sunset on the beach and with the most beautiful colors of the sky and the sea in the background, the actor knelt before the model, who did not hesitate to accept her proposal.

On the one hand, the actor shared a carousel of photographs that he accompanied with the following message:

“From the first day I met you, it was clear to me. I love you 🌹🙏🏼😁 I couldn’t be luckier 🙌🏻”

While the presenter said:

“YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES 💍 I love you. I am very lucky to have you. I want to build the home I dreamed of by your side 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Thank you 2021 for so much 💛💫🥂🍾 How happy I am!”

Of course, their posts have caused a stir and generated thousands of comments, in which the majority of friends and followers have sent them their best wishes in this new step.

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