Meet Vicky Berrio, the new member of Vibra

We have been listening to #VibraenlasMañanas for several days to a woman who fully identifies with Vibrameet Vicky Berrio, we present her to you.

As she identifies herself in her social networks, Vicky is an actress, improviser and comedian who spontaneously and authentically always shares her daily thoughts without a filter..

Vicky Berrio is a country woman and proudly born in Anorí Antioquia, She studied Performing Arts in Medellín and has been an actress since 1999 and has experience in improvisation.

She is currently an improviser for the Acción Impro corporation and participates in the Vibra en las Mañanas and Vibratorio programs.

In her social networks she shares content of humor and reflectionand as a good paisa highlights the roots and customs of Antioquia that have been lost over time.

When my mother saw the photo, she said: “it was so beautiful that it doesn’t look like you” if that’s what she thinks she had me, I want to read it to you. Sure they will say it’s makeup, but no, I’m like that…

These are some of the videos that Vicky shares with her fans, exercise routines, positive thoughts and everyday situations.

Meet Vicky Berrio, our new member

Here Vicky teaches us to dance.

In this video Vicky let us see her sexiest side.

But in addition, she shares the exercises with which she has managed to maintain her figure.

Not everything is humor for Vicky, she also frequently shares motivational and empowering phrases for the women who follow her.

No more traces of accusations and aggressions, that the only marks are of love for us and for others.

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