Meet the perfect world for Cristian Castro

For the Mexican singer who was involved in an alleged affair with a transvestite, he again generates controversy and all because he said he would love to be gay, for him what matters is that there is love.

Christian Castro, 40 years old, returns to the controversy because he said: «I would love to be gay»; he even went further by saying: “I would really love for everyone to be gay”.

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Although his words are firm and he brought out his feminine side, the singer made it clear to the press that he prefers to be with a woman, because those are his tastes.

He also pointed out that the important thing is that there is love: “If it’s man to man, perfect; if it is woman to woman, too”.

According to him, the flourishing of his feminine side was caused by the long coexistence with his mother. (Veronica Castro) and his grandmother

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