Meet the map with the sexiest women

A Spanish portal produced a world map in which it catalogs countries according to the physical and sexual attractiveness of their women. The project divides the degree of attraction into five categories and qualifies as “the sexiest” to the Latin and Baltic.

In the map Colombia, Argentina, Latvia and Estonia they are marked with the color dark green, which means that no one can compare in terms of the level of attraction generated by the women who live there.

The next ones on this scale were marked with the green color: are rated as “sexy”. In this very broad group, are most of the Eastern European countries (former republics of the former Soviet Union), such as the Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herzegobina, Serbia, Macedonia. It is where there is a higher concentration of attractive women. In Western Europe only the Swedes appear in this platoon. And also: Iran, Egypt and Ethiopia. In South America are Brazil and Venezuela. Asia has a fairly large group of sexy women who are from Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

In the next step appear the women considered that their «attractive is normal» They are the countries that appear in yellow. Here are most of the Europeans, also the Spanish. Those of the countries of North Africa and others such as China, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico.

At the bottom of this scale are those rated as “not very sexy” Y “very unsexy”. Among the first: North American, English, Portuguese, German, Australian, Indian or Saudi Arabian. And those that are considered less attractive in the world are those of Central African countries (Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic and Congo), Iran, Afghanistan and Bolivia.

Taken from Report21