Meet the Korean Peter Pan

This young man is 26 years old and like Peter Pan it is not possible for him to grow up, since he was born in 1989 but he seems 10 years old.

Drink beer, enjoy the nightlife and dress like an adult. But the call «Highlander Syndrome» stopped the growth of this South Korean when he was a teenager.

A Hyomyung Shin At the age of 10, they were diagnosed with “Highlander Syndrome”, a disease that slows growth and prevents the body from aging. With a soft voice, short stature and chubby cheeks, the child-adult he frequents nightclubs like any young person and consumes alcohol. Baptized as the «Peter Pan» from South Korea, you have to show your document to prove that you were born in 1989.

A local television documentary shows him dancing in his pajamas inside his house, before dressing in age-appropriate clothing. During the show, Shin attempted a makeover to look older than himself which only accentuated his childlike features.

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In his bedroom, he has a photo of the actress Scarlett Johansson. Then she confesses on camera that he dreams of meeting her one day.

His childhood photos show him as a normal child, who has developed smoothly into adolescence. Despite his condition, doctors say Shin is in good health.

Instead, tell us if this syndrome would favor you or be a problem for your development.

Taken from Infobae