Meet Shakira’s first boyfriend

Everyone knows Shakira’s former boyfriend, but no one remembers much that we say is the first. Well, an image was leaked and here it is.

They say that first love is never forgotten, will be? We believe that it is so, but also our dear Shakira, who wrote a beautiful song about it, Anthology.

And it is that -precisely- some images of the first boyfriend of barranquillerawhen she was just 17 years old.

Meet Shakira’s first boyfriend

This is Oscar Ulloa, with whom he had a courtship that ended sadly, according to what they say, because he finished her a Day of Love and Friendship.

Although it was Shakira’s second love, Oscar it was her first formal boyfriend. Before, she was in love with Oscar Pardo, a «boyfriend».

Oscar, for his part, today is a businessman; In an interview with a national media he confessed that decided to finish Shakira to «not cut her wings».

Yes you become knownis because he participated in the video of the song Where are you Love?

This is what Shakira’s first boyfriend looks like todaymore than 20 years after their relationship…

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