Meaning of the moon, there are for all beliefs!

Through the ages, there are many people who seek the meaning of the moon according to their beliefs or the mysticism that encloses this unattainable and poetic place for many.

Since ancient times, the moon has been the beacon that guides many human behaviors and in which it is intended to explain the way the deities act. Although it seems that this satellite represents many dreamers and lovers, there are more collective ideals that have been built and that, beyond being literal, belong to the poetic vision around the moon.

If you want to know everything about the number 7 in the spiritual or you are interested in knowing what the moon symbolizes in various aspects of life, then this article will be of great interest to you:

What does a moon symbolize?

For various ancient cultures, the natural satellite of the earth used to represent feminine power. The moon would be the mother goddess, the queen of heaven within the beliefs and sacred books. Also, she has been linked to eternity and infinity in the spiritual, so her adoration is part of different types of rites around the world in which she is thanked for life and for the way in which she governs the world. destiny.

The 4 phases of the moon and their meaning

The first thing is that you know that the phases of the moon are the changes that occur in the visible face of our natural satellite during a lunar cycle, that is, in 29 and a half days. During the lunar translation there are 4 phases known as new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. Each of these phases lasts approximately 7.4 days. Here we tell you what each of them means:

  • New Moon: it is the beginning of a new lunar cycle and cannot be observed from Earth. This occurs because the sun is illuminating the lunar side that cannot be seen from the planet. For this reason it is usually associated with the start of important stages and as the starting point of any project.
  • Crescent moon: three or four days after the new moon, the so-called crescent moon begins. There, the illuminated portion grows with the passing of days and its appearance becomes evident. This moon would become the preparation for changes in life and ideal for decision making.
  • First Quarter: four days later the first quarter appears. In this phase you can already distinguish 50 percent of the lunar face that is visible from Earth, illuminated by the sun. It would have the symbolism of rebirth.
  • Full moon: Also known as a full moon, it occurs when the moon, Earth and sun almost line up straight, causing the lunar face visible from the planet to be completely illuminated. It is usually recognized as harmony, wholeness and peace.

meaning of the moon in the bible

The moon has been a subject of fascination for the Christian religion. This satellite is named in several sections of the sacred book and even used to serve as a beacon or guide for walkers and people at that time. In ancient Israel, in fact, it is named as created by God, as the smaller of the two great lamps placed in the sky to illuminate and govern the night (Gn 1,14). Also, it served as the indicator of time and holidays (Eclo 43,6-7) since the month and year in Israel were measured in lunar form. In addition, the ancient inhabitants of Egypt believed it to be the greatest symbol of fertility, as well as the rebuilding of the Christian faith.

Meaning of the moon in astrology

It is also present in astrology and very commonly it is usually related to the basic needs of the being and his survival instinct. The stars that govern the personalities and the path of each human, see the moon as the planet of the habits to which we adhere and therefore, the conscious natural attitudes and behaviors would have a thread with the moon and the personality would change accordingly. to the phase in which it is entering. Additionally, astrology aims to support that the satellite of our planet is the one that governs the feelings and emotions that we experience daily.

Meaning of the moon in love

Various cultures and artists have taken the moon as the representation of romance in their compositions. This is due to selenophilia (from the Greek ‘Selene’, Moon, and ‘philia’, love) which can be interpreted as the striking attraction to the moon and make it a rhetorical symbol. There are no major indications that the moon is a link between people and love, but it is believed that there is an energetic and attractive connection that makes people feel identified with the enigmas of this natural satellite and capture it to represent feelings.

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