Meaning of the elephants, did you imagine all this?

You may have heard a lot about him. meaning of elephants and how they would be very important animals for various cultures and beliefs in the world, but here we will expand on the topic.

One of the most enigmatic but charismatic animals, are undoubtedly the pachyderms. These giants have been studied for decades and have been found to have long memories, are friendly and love their family. For these reasons they will be compared to some human conditions. For certain cultures, elephants also represent spiritual things that are worth emphasizing and we will do that in this article.

If you want to know what it means to dream of elephants or you are interested in understanding what these animals represent for many people, then here we will clear up your doubts:

Meaning of the 3 elephants

The traditions of China and India speak of this animal as one of the most attractive to good energies. The 3 elephants refer to luck as that number represents prosperity, health and love. They are usually placed in the bedroom, study or office, to improve the understanding of couples and increase work productivity.

Meaning of the 5 hanging elephants

Locating this type of pendants in rooms of the home can become very powerful. For Hindus, it symbolizes the animal that opens paths and is usually given the meaning of the destroyer of obstacles because they are resistant, fight against adversity and are quite patient.

Meaning of the elephants in the house

Perhaps one of the currents that most includes elephants in spiritual aspects is that of Chinese Feng Shui. For them, this animal represents strength and good fortune. If it is applied to the themes of attracting good energies, elephants usually appear in the decoration promulgated by the Feng Shui for the house, as they serve to attract the positive energies of the universe and economic prosperity. Also, they would have the power to generate family harmony and the connection of the inner self with the vibrations of the planet.

Meaning of elephants in India

Not for nothing Ganesha, one of the main Indian gods has the head of an elephant. For this ancient culture, the pachyderm is considered the great protector of the home and the family. In addition, it is said that this animal would attract good luck and abundance. In various regions of India, the elephant is given the ability to bring longevity and wisdom to the people. In many Indian homes they keep the figure of an elephant in a marching position and with its trunk raised in visible places, to symbolize progress, union and prosperity.

Meaning of the elephants with the trunk up

In Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, the elephant represented with its trunk up, would be representing prosperity, good luck, abundance and victory. In fact, it would symbolize the power and triumph of the good mind and the healthy body against the banalities of the world. In the event that you see the figure of an elephant with its trunk down, this would symbolize longevity and conception (fertility).

elephants in love

The meaning of elephants in love is closely linked to homes in India, China, Japan or even Colombia, in pendants or figures of an elephant or a pair of elephants displayed in rooms. This would be intended to promote passionate love and fidelity between couples. Also, these statues would be indicated for those people who wish to become parents, as they would help to attract fertility (we are not aware of it).

spiritual meaning of elephants

The spiritual meaning of elephants is often seen in a very symbolic way. This animal is associated with the strength of prayer that believers should have to reach God’s grace. For some faithful, it could represent protection and be a spiritual guide for its intelligence, peace, calm and wisdom.

Meaning of elephants in tattoos

The animal tattoos they are a good idea to wear on the skin. For many people, the elephant in tattoos would provide airs of protection, love and company in those who have it engraved on their skin. If you have decided to get a tattoo in a pack, it would have a connotation of family union, power, guidance and respect for those around you.

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