Meaning of the colors, what do they mean?

If you want to know the meaning of colorsin this note we tell you what they mean so pay attention.

If you look up the definition of color in a dictionary, you can find something like this where it tells you that it is the visual perception of the reflection of light that illuminates surfaces and bounces off the cone cells of our retina. But what inspires each color and how should it be used based on its meaning? Here we give you the answer to these questions.

Meaning of colors in the way you dress

In psychology, color is associated with people’s emotions and is the way to influence their physical and mental state, that’s why the colors of the clothes you wear say a lot about you. That is why we tell you what the colors mean in your garments:

  • Blue It transmits stability, confidence and security.
  • Red a very powerful color that transmits love and security.
  • Green is related to harmony and peace.
  • Yellow symbolizes happiness and is usually worn by optimistic and vital people.
  • Black usually represents elegance and sophistication.
  • White represents innocence, simplicity or cleanliness.
  • Pink is a color that transmits calm.

Meaning of colors in the chakras

Within the field of esoteric sciences, the energies that correspond to each part of the body are called chakras. What is also known as the aura of a person and where the body could be divided into seven zones, each one associated with a color, that is why we tell you what its meaning is.

  • Red: would be the legs and sexual organs.
  • Orange: the abdomen, which controls impulsive decisions.
  • Yellow: the chest.
  • Green: the heart. Remember that green symbolizes life.
  • Light blue: from the neck to the teeth.
  • Dark blue or indigo: forehead, eyes, nose and ears.
  • Violet: the brain.

Meaning of colors in the spiritual

Colors are a form of dialogue with ourselves, so each color is associated with a feeling, desire, gratitude or thought. For that reason, from the spiritual point of view, each color takes on a meaning that must be taken into account both positively and negatively.

  • Blue: in terms of the positive it means fidelity, calm, calm, peace, hope, dedication but in the negative field it is coldness, distance, depression, melancholy and tears.
  • Red: in terms of the positive it means heat, strength, sexuality, courage, love, health while in the negative it means aggression, anarchy, rebellion and danger.
  • Rosa: in terms of the positive, it means refined sensuality, sensitivity of the soul, feelings of happiness, devotion, platonic love, emotion, dreams, but in the negative field it is estrangement, detachment, idealization and sentimentality.
  • Green: in terms of the positive it means serenity, healing, renewal, eternal youth while in the negative it is envy, illness, pettiness and cowardice.
  • Yellow: in terms of the positive it means wisdom, intelligence, mental agility but in the negative field it is bad humor, reluctance, dispersion, false hopes and rivalry.
  • Black: in terms of the positive it means dignity and prestige while in the negative it is depression, despair, mourning, fear and pessimism.

Meaning of the colors to apply them in a brand

Colors connect people with brands, dictate the famous look and feel, which is what expresses the identity and more importantly what creates the personality of a brand. For that reason, if you are looking for colors that are associated with your brand, we tell you what are the meanings with which they are related.

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