Meaning of sunflowers, story of a beautiful flower!

If you want to know about the meaning of sunflowershere we tell you about the true symbolism of this beautiful flower.

The sunflower is the symbol of the sun, love and admiration, which is why it is a flower that many men give to their partners. However, it is also related to happiness, vitality, positivity and energy. So much so that in Chinese culture it symbolizes long life and good luck for those who receive it.

The origin of sunflowers

The sunflower is a plant that comes from North and South America, its seeds served as food for the Indians, who were responsible for mixing it with beans and sweet corn. Its name arose from the combination of helios, which is sun, and anthos, which is flower, although its original name is Helianthum.

The meaning of sunflowers

When talking about sunflowers, its meaning can be related to a sample similar to what our personality is. For that reason, when it is women who like this flower, it means that they are pure love and feel admiration for others when they are important people who come into their lives.

On the other hand, when sunflowers are related to men, this means fidelity, unconditional friendship and deep love. In addition, when a person receives sunflowers, this is a good omen, since it means that he will soon achieve a goal, he will be successful in a business or his next undertaking will bear great fruit.

Spiritual meaning of sunflowers

Many people, on the contrary, give a spiritual meaning to this flower, since they relate that its movement following the position of the sun represents a happy life and a constant search for light, illumination and permanent approach to God, to the divine and to the holy.

Meaning of yellow sunflowers

The best known sunflower is yellow, that is its most common presentation and above all one of the most striking. When a person is given yellow sunflowers, they denote vitality, energy and joy, qualities that have always been attributed to the sun. However, over the years sunflowers of other colors began to be cultivated to express feelings or achieve certain objectives.

That’s why if they give you sunflowers of other colors and you want to know what it means, here we tell you what it is:

  • White sunflowers: It is the symbol of pure love, hope and the invitation to be at peace.
  • Pink sunflowers: If they surprise you with these unusual sunflowers, this means that they see warmth, friendliness and kindness in you.
  • Purple sunflowers: When a person comes to you with sunflowers of this color, this is immediately associated with sexual encounters.
  • Orange sunflowers: If you see that sunflowers combine orange with red, this is a symbol of joy and vitality. Therefore, they express enthusiasm, creativity and bring much success.

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