Meaning of quartz, protection stones for you!

If you don’t know the meaning of quartzwe want to show you their main qualities and how they can help you attract good things to your life.

Within the esoteric world, quartz has many applications as it would be ideal for attracting good energy, prosperity and health. Although there are many types of quartz, each zodiac sign or personality has a species that would be the best for the protection of the body and soul, so it would be very good if you learned which one is indicated for you, in order to use it. in different daily rituals.

In case you want to know which are the most insensitive signs with their partners and also, all the details about quartz and the power of protection and attraction that they could have for you, then you will love this article:

What are quartz?

Let’s start from the basics, define what quartz is. Well, these are found abundantly on the planet because they are minerals that are released and have energetic powers. They are composed of a fusion of water and sand of thousands of years, which turn them into crystals with a transparent, white or brightly colored hue. They are not usually used as jewelry, but it is very common for them to be applied as amulets due to the amount of energy they can release. If you want to put it in chemical terms, these are made up of a silicon atom and two oxygen atoms that, when fused, form the silicon dioxide and the quartz pieces that we know and that take on their appearance thanks to the high temperatures that exist inside. from the earth.

Meaning of the colors of quartz

These minerals are usually seen in various shades that have different definitions and are accompanied by certain energy attributes. For each type of need there is a quartz so it is best that you know what each color means:

  • Transparent: it attracts positive energies with more force than the others, since it is usually attributed to be the purest natural quartz.
  • White: purifies any space, providing them with peace and calm. In addition, it combats stress, anxiety and deep states of sadness.
  • Pink: represents love. It attracts and maintains passion, although its use must begin with loving oneself. Helps improve self-esteem and confidence, eliminating negative energies.
  • Blue: represents strength, calm and relaxation. It is ideal if you want to attract more tranquility and eliminate stress.
  • Green: is associated with prosperity. It is widely used to raise hope in difficult times and when you want to radiate good energy to the people around you.
  • Purple: they are associated with spirituality and meditation. They are ideal for when you are looking for inner peace and it is advisable to carry this quartz with you always.
  • Smoked: this quartz of brown and grayish tones, means the spiritual development and the elevation of the soul to the universe through the energies.
  • Citrine: This represents tranquility and growth of the spirit. Also, it balances the mind and spirit with the earthly body.
  • colored quartz: they are usually associated with creativity, good communication in the personal and work spheres and the well-being of the body.

Meaning of quartz according to your sign

Of course, your zodiac sign governs the destinies of your life in various aspects. Quartz also have ascendancy over your existence and depending on the characteristics of the sign you belong to, you should have a different quartz that helps you attract good energy to your environment. . A great recommendation that we can give you is that these stones do not work the same for all people, so it is best that you touch them and use your intuition when you feel them to know that they are the right one for you:

  • Aries: Agate stone is recommended, as it provides tranquility and awakens intelligence. It is ideal to relieve the feeling of anxiety.
  • Taurus: rose quartz would help you because it would combat anxiety, relieve states of confusion and sadness without apparent cause, and solve situations of low energy.
  • Gemini: and favors the Agate, It stimulates concentration, inner tranquility and greatly improves the ability to analyze.
  • Cancer: Rose quartz or pearl, as it favors the achievement of peace and calm in relationships. In addition, it increases self-esteem and sensitivity, balancing emotions.
  • Leo: the best would be the Topaz, because it develops patience and good treatment with others. It is a great source of energy to stimulate creativity.
  • Virgo: Jasper corresponds to it, as it is calming and awakens feelings of well-being. It absorbs negative energies and balances the physical and the spiritual.
  • Pound: the ideal is Aquamarine quartz because it eliminates intolerance, relaxes the mind and balances the emotions, granting well-being and peace.
  • Scorpio: Coral and Jasper favor them. Both have properties to repel bad energies from enemies and free the soul from bad influences.
  • Sagittarius: Aquamarine and Amethyst are recommended. They calm spirits, attract prosperity and favor spiritual development.
  • Capricorn: Amethyst corresponds to him because it is very useful to protect his body and mind. Furthermore, she connects the purest and highest energies with the powers of nature.
  • Aquarium: Aventurine and Lapis Lazuli are recommended. Both could make anxiety and fear go away, transmitting empathy, optimism and compassion.
  • Pisces: A great stone is rose quartz, as it helps fight depression and its released energies would help stimulate positive thinking.

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