Meaning of nail polish colors

There is meaning of nail polish colors that will help you choose the right one to reveal the greatest details of your personality.

Nothing is innocent or casual in human behavior. Absolutely everything we do, the decisions we make, no matter how small they are, are loaded with who we are as people. Likewise, this happens at all levels, from the career we choose to study to something as insignificant as the color of polish we put on our nails, did you know?

It is very curious that there are also different uses of enamel besides painting nails that are quite interesting and are part of popular culture. But if we talk about the touches of beauty and vanity, the colors of enamels can mark your tastes and personality traits that may be the most successful.

What does the color of the enamel mean?

We piqued your curiosity, right? That’s why we bring you the meaning of the basic colors of enamelsso that you discover what they hide from your personality or so that you know in advance what you project towards others at an unconscious level.

What does the color of the enamel mean?

In color theory, there is talk of some shades that are linked to the personality of people. For example, vibrant or neon nail colors like pink or yellow would be linked to fun, ecstasy and good humor; meanwhile, warm tones like orange reveal eccentricity and madness. If you are one of those people who like to wear dark or earth tones, this would show that you are reserved and very elegant.

This is the meaning of the main shades that you can use in the enamel:

red enamel

It means boldness, leadership, desire for all eyes to be on you.

Nude enamel, skin color or brown

Discretion, you do not like to attract attention, you always want to go unnoticed.

french or white

It means purity, honesty, formalism, sobriety and professionalism.

Enamel in pink tones

Romanticism, dreams that can be achieved, belief in great ideals.

Fuchsia, orange and other neon nail polish

You don’t care what they say and that makes you free, because you have an overwhelming and unrepeatable personality.

yellow or gold

Joy, taste for the extravagant and party airs.


You are full of calm, serenity and self-confidence.

Violet, purple, lilac or similar

It means charisma, a lot of imagination and 200% creativity.

gray and black

It should not necessarily be associated with death or «depre»; it means independence and detachment.

elaborate designs

It may be that you also like semi-permanent nails to personalize them or make incredible designs that highlight your hands; Well, this would denote that you have plenty of optimism and determination to overcome any obstacle.

Different enamel color simultaneously

Rebellion, you like to always be contrary and question what is established.

green tones

Taste for mystery, the esoteric and the occult.

transparent or no glaze

Absolute security in yourself; They say that you are stubborn, but the truth is that you are a very uninfluenceable person.

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