Meaning of kisses according to where you put them

A kiss on the forehead is not the same as one on the lips, no ma’am! Know its meaning, here…

Did they give you a kiss on the hand? And one in the neck? Do you know what each kiss means depending on where they put it on you? Although kisses are something very natural for us, the truth is that they are one of the most intimate ways that human beings have to express our feelings, that is why their meaning varies according to the customs of each culture, the part of the body where it is put and its intensity…

This is the meaning of kisses according to their intensity #InternationalKissDay

– Your heart Viiiiibra (@Vibra1049) April 13, 2016

In our society there are certain meanings associated with kisses depending on where you put them…

  • head kisses: Emotional dependence, but also fraternity and protection.
  • Kisses on the hand: Trust, admiration, respect or desire for love.
  • Kisses on the forehead: Very big love, tenderness and protection.
  • Cheek kisses: Friendship, cordiality, congratulations. If it is released into the air when cheeks are brushed, it is a simple greeting.
  • Kisses cornered: Hidden feelings of attraction or not yet confessed.
  • Kisses in the neck: Unbridled desire and passion.
  • Kiss on the ear: Let’s play! It is an invitation to let yourself go.
  • Kisses on the lips: Love, love, love, love and lots of love. I also wish, but above all, love.

If they kiss you in another part of the body, that is already big words!

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