Meaning of feather tattoos for women: it will surprise you

Maybe you don’t know the meaning of feather tattoos for women and this is the opportunity for you to learn those hidden messages that you can give with a good design.

In the world of tattoos, any design has its own meaning for both the artist and the person who orders it to be done. Sometimes tattoos can have a hidden story and the most basic and simple forms can have powerful messages of strength and empowerment that deserve to be seen and told to give value to the body.

We want to show you tattoos on the back: one for each taste and some beautiful and incredible feather designs along with the meaning it could have so you can choose the one that best suits your life story and personality:

Feather tattoos for women meaning

As you can imagine, feathers are a symbol of freedom and the infinite flight of birds over the sky. Also with these designs you can show that you want to have the freedom of ideas, courage and strength.

A design of a feather from which birds are released in flight can be that reference you were looking for to show your courage and desire for independence:

Meaning of feather tattoos

In some other cases, this type of tattoo is a loud expression (although it is embodied in your body) of your desire to ascend to conquer any goal, while it could reveal your more spiritual side since feathers are usually related to Often with angels.

Perhaps a tattoo with a feather and several pendulums is that sign that your level of internal harmony is at its maximum splendor and that nothing and no one can disturb you.

Meaning feather tattoos for women on the foot

Since the feet are your vital connection between the energy of your body and the vibrations of the earth, tattoos in this area are usually the best representation of your confidence, self-esteem and creativity, which is why a nice design there will be very striking.

Maybe you could try this design in thin strokes that is very subtle, feminine and beautiful:

Meaning feather tattoos for women on the arm

For many ancestral cultures such as the Maori, from New Zealand, the areas that represent firmness, courage and power are found in the arms. Perhaps a design in this place on your body harbors all the strength you need to prove that you are a tireless warrior.

This can be a very cool alternative because an arrow is released from a feather, the main weapon of war for many ethnic groups and indigenous groups:

Meaning feather tattoos for women on the neck

The neck is one of the erogenous zones of the woman’s body and thanks to this the feathers, which usually show lightness and delicacy, could become the best way to expose your femininity and sensuality through very beautiful designs.

This fine and small tattoo could look beautiful close to the ear and if you are one of the women who likes their designs to go unnoticed, then it is the ideal:

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