Meaning of colored candles, did you know them?

The meaning of colored candles It turns out to be a matter of research for people who love rituals of purification and attraction of good energies.

Perhaps you have seen that in many places they light candles of different shades and this has made you wonder, what does each color of candles mean? If, on the contrary, you are an expert, we may provide you with valuable information to achieve, through these elements, attract all the good things in life. Before all, the meaning of candles it can be variable and these do not work miracles; It will depend on your good vibes to get them to help you stay positive.

If you want to know how to make scented candles that will give an incredible atmosphere or you are interested in learning more about the meanings of candles, then we are going to tell you everything we know about it:

Meaning of colored candles and their days

Within the beliefs, it is said that each day of the week a candle should be lit to attract good energies in very simple rituals. Only the candle corresponding to the day should be lit and let it burn for a few hours, but without being consumed in its entirety. These are the candle colors for the whole week with their respective meaning:

  • Monday: White. This color is the maximum purification, so the beginning of the week marks the highest energy vibrations, so it would come to bless the 7 days and be the renewing force for your work.
  • Tuesday: Red. This is a shade that expresses the passion and attraction of love. This day is used in case you want to keep relationships and stability in business alive, increasing the pleasure of what you do.
  • Wednesday: Yellow. It would be a powerful way to start cycles, so in the middle of the week it would indicate positivity and enthusiasm to renew yourself in the face of stress and difficulties.
  • Thursday: Lilac or Violet. They represent tranquility and spirituality. They are indicated for the day in which you need to discard the energy charged with negativism.
  • Friday: Pink: symbolizes love and romance in relationships and interpersonal. Friday may be the opportunity to share with someone you love and this candle will be an intimate bond between you and her.
  • Saturday: Green. It is ideal for attracting healing energies and purifying spaces. Saturday is the time to attract stability, hope and stillness.
  • Sunday: Orange. It attracts good feelings, creativity, money and success in business. As it is the day of rest, renew your energy and bless the spaces of your home or office.

Meaning of the colors of the candles at Christmas

On Christmas Eve, space is usually opened for faith, union and the purposes of abundance, success and health. For this reason, the most popular candles are green, red, white, silver, and gold. Metallic tones such as silver and gold are the maximum expression of fertility, prosperity, money and success, so they are ideal for a Christmas or New Year’s ritual. You should use them in geometric shapes such as triangular, square and round, as they are more decorative and make up the elemental figures of nature and the universe.

Candle colors meaning and ritual

In the Catholic Church, candlelight has always had a spiritual meaning because it represents Christ, especially when white candles are used because they are the color of truth and glory. Through the lights of the candles, the Virgin Mary is also accompanied in her ascension to heaven and glorification of her in the rosaries. Candle rituals can be practiced with different shades; for example, the color blue because it represents mysticism, intelligence and peace. Also, they are used in the wakes with the brown tone that means the return to the earth and the feelings of strength or condolence.

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