meaning, healing properties and uses in gem therapy

The desert rose is one of the most beautiful magical stones, and therefore it is perfect for decorating a home or an office. The desert rose is credited with the power of mental clarity, increases telepathy and has numerous uses in gem therapy that we will analyze in the following report.

Desert rose: meaning in gemology

Its name invites us to think that it is a flower, but nothing is further from reality. The desert rose is part of the gypsum family, and it crystallizes by evaporation of infiltrated water, within a soft and deformable medium (clay, sand) mainly in deserts. Its main deposits are found in the Sahara desert in Africa (hence its name) but also in France, Mexico, Russia and in many other deserts.

Due to the form of its crystallization under very specific conditions, takes on a shape similar to that of a flower with numerous petals, hence it has been assimilated to a rose. Granular in consistency, the desert rose can have shades ranging from the lightest beige to reddish brown.

Healing properties of the desert rose and its uses in gem therapy

Gem therapy reveals the healing properties of magic stones and crystals. In the specific case of the desert rose, it is noted that on the physical plane is effective in fighting epilepsy, and that it would neutralize mercury contamination.

In addition, desert rose is said to align the spine and improve movement, retain sagging skin after significant weight loss as well as after childbirth, and is good for bone growth. It would also stimulate the brain and memory.

The desert rose also has an important value in the spiritual plane of people. Improves understanding and opens the mind, enhances telepathic powers, relaxes the mind and stabilizes the emotional experience. It is very good for curbing emotional outbursts and allows us to control our spiritual development, making it gradual and at a rate that we can assimilate.

We remember that this article is merely informative: it is not recommended to stop prescribed medical treatments to use gem therapy exclusively instead. This is an alternative therapy, not a substitute: it may be useful to resort to it as a complementary aid to the central medical treatment of diagnosed ailments.

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How to clean the desert rose?

The magic stones must be cleaned and purified to remove from them the bad vibrations that they have absorbed; in fact, andIt is important a primordial purification as soon as it is in our powerbecause until then it will have been manipulated by many people.

Magic stones can sometimes be purified with spring water (or tap water instead). But this is not the case with the desert rose: if water was used on it, in the long run, it would lose the grains of sand that form it, so it would end up dissolving.. Yes, you can purify and recharge the desert rose by exposing it to the sun.

The desert rose and the chakras

The magical desert rose stones are good for the chakras in several aspects. In the third eye chakra, it increases our faculties of telepathy and clairvoyance. In addition, it is very benign for the sacred chakra (second chakra), since it regulates the water content of our tissues; In this way, it will be a very useful magic stone in cases of obesity, stretch marks or prostate problems.

The thing is not there: color a small desert rose on the solar plexus chakra will be effective against stomach problems.

What zodiac signs is the desert rose suitable for?

Magic stones are usually associated with one or more zodiac signs. In the case of the one at hand, the desert rose, it is linked to Cancer and Aquarius. Thus, it is a good gift for the natives of this sign can be earrings or pendant of this magical stone to wear.

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Some curiosities about the desert rose

The rose of the sands helps to accept and love oneself, to maintain confidence, to remain in control of oneself and to achieve one’s goals. It allows the individual to go through difficult times and periods of change.

A legend says that Sultan Ben Haffen was the one who found this magic stone, while he was looking for a sand palace in the desert. He was so fascinated by the desert rose that he promised the hand of his daughter to whoever brought him a copy.

In addition to desert rose, In gemology and gem therapy, this stone may be known as gypsum rose, selenite rose, rose rock, gypsum rosette, and sand rose.