Mauricio Leal’s brother apologizes to victims and pleads guilty

Loyal Johnson, brother of Mauricio Leal, apologizes to the victims and pleads guilty to the crimes of his brother and his mother.

After the news of the death of Mauricio Leal, known as the famous hairdresser, there were many hypotheses that were considered, including that of an alleged suicide, based on the discovery of an alleged farewell letter from the victim. Said letter, it would be known later, would not have written it of his own free will.

This was learned after the capture of the victim’s brother, Jhonier Leal, who was being investigated for the alleged murder of him and their mother, whose bodies were found in the family home in La Calera with gunshot wounds. White weapon.

The loyal Jhonier brother of Mauricio Leal apologizes

In full hearing Jhonier Leal accepted the charges after having made a preliminary agreement with the Prosecutor’s Officeas seen in the video of the same that the entertainment journalist Diva Jessurum shared on her Instagram account.

«… To accept the charges through an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, and I take the opportunity to express my repentance, asking for forgiveness first of all from my family and my children, the victims and all of Colombia…»

It is heard in the clip. Check it out below…

Jhonier Leal pleads guilty to the charges brought by the Attorney General’s Office and apologizes for the acts committed against his brother, the stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother 🚨

— @VideoLatam (@VideoLatam1) January 18, 2022

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