Matte enamel, do it yourself at home

We know sparkly nails are cute, but there’s an alternative that’s super chic. We tell you how to make matte enamel with baking soda.

If you are like us, you like try new things on your nails and, in addition, do it yourself, in your own home, that’s why this step by step is for you!

How to turn a shiny nail polish into matte?

Although you can buy opaque enamel from different brands in the market, we may not want to make that investment if there is the possibility of preparing it ourselves economically and you only need baking soda.

Step 1: Apply and get your polish ready

Paint your nails as you normally do; On a waterproof but washable surface, pour a little transparent nail polish and sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda nearby.

Step 2: Mix with baking soda and apply

Using an orange stick or the back of a paintbrush, slowly mix the baking soda into the polish. Apply a thin layer on your nails, already dry.

And finally, step 3 of how to make matte nail polish: Show off!

And ready! you already have your nails with a matte varnish, well painted and dull, very fashionable!

And if you don’t have baking soda, there is another technique that is also very effective to dull any nail polish quickly and easily: using cornstarch.

This type of nail decoration is perfect when rainy and cold days arrive, but also to give a sober, professional and serious personal image.

How to nuance the nails?

You can use techniques such as baking soda in the enamel, or if you wish you can also use ocher tones in the color of your varnish. This will give an opaque effect to your look.

You know how to do a matte nail polish, If you want to know more tips like these, let us know in the comments. Share this note on your social networksyour friends will love it and they will give you many “likes” for sharing this practical trick with them.