Mateo Carvajal’s response to a follower who treated him as «maintained»

Matthew Carvajal he didn’t let them treat him «kept» and that is why he used his social networks to respond to a follower.

The former Challenge participant gave a lot to talk about a few days ago when he announced on his networks that he had undergone an aesthetic procedure. However, this time he drew attention for responding to a follower who said a word to him that offended him.

Mateo Carvajal responded to a woman who told him «maintained» in networks

Through his social networks, Mateo made a publication where he wanted to show what his sentimental relationship with his girlfriend was like and the comforts it offered him. That’s why in the middle of the video he assured “Do you know why I am no longer recording from my apartment where I used to be? Because the skinny girl now supports me and keeps me a chim..”.

However, one of her followers seems to have been dissatisfied with the situation and wrote to her “Do you think it’s a pride to be a kept? Well keep it up. I would not like to be supported because there is nothing like making a living for yourself”. Immediately, the athlete made a video where he mentioned «Calm down ladies, it’s not like Stephanie gives me everything and supports me. It is that she is born to collaborate with me, because man must be helped, loved, cared for and contemplated financially, emotionally” and finally he wrote Goodbye wicked witch.

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