Mateo Carvajal revealed his feelings for Melina Ramírez

through their networks, Mateo Carvajal revealed his feelings for Melina Ramírez, his ex-partner. It seems that there is nothing else there!

The renowned athlete and winner of the Super Human Challenge 2017who in days gone by was a trend after showing that he had removed some tattoos from his facein the last hours He once again drew the attention of hundreds of Internet users by making a series of confessions regarding his love life.

The paisa, who is one of the most active celebrities in networks, wanted to do a dynamic of questions with his followers through Instagram storiesto which he had to answer “YES”, “NO”, “MAYBE” and “DEPENDS”, but although some dealt with diverse topics such as his friendship with other influencers or some of his experiences, the ones that prevailed were the Questions related to your former partners.

Mateo Carvajal revealed his feelings for Melina Ramírez

Although he did not clarify if he is currently in a relationship, he did make a confession that left more than one speechless, because after one of the platform’s users asked him if he still cared. Melina Ramirez (current presenter of Bingos Felices and mother of his son Salvador) he answered:

«Nope. But as Salvador’s mother, I hope she is happy. If she is, my son is.»

But that was not all! Later another follower asked if he was still talking to Jessica Cediel. Let us remember that the athlete was asking for several days to go out with the presenter until she finally agreed and they had a series of meetings in Bogotá. Nevertheless, it seems that the thing did not transcend and even there is no longer any relationshipbecause before the question he answered with a resounding no, without giving more details.

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