Mateo Carvajal joked with the name of Cris Hurtado’s baby

As expected, Mateo Carvajal joked with the name of Cris Hurtado’s baby and thanked him for thinking of him.

Once the well-known paisa presenter announced through her new YouTube channel that she had surprisingly become pregnant, the news unleashed a barrage of reactions and comments on networks, because while some stated that they could not believe it (given that their last childbirth had been more than 15 years ago) others immediately sent him messages full of love in which they also wished him the best in this new stage.

In short, it was an announcement that filled both the Narváez Hurtado family and hundreds of Internet users with joy, who through networks were very attentive to each of the details that the also businesswoman shared daily.

The growth of her belly, the baby shower, the different ways in which each of her pregnancies occurred and the way in which she found out about this last one were topics that constantly became the subject of conversation, however, there was one especially that it kept many in suspense until after the delivery… And it was the name of the little one!

Through a funny story, Mateo Carvajal joked with the name of Cris Hurtado’s baby

Well, once it was known that contrary to what the family wanted, they would have a child, immediately their followers began to ask what would be the final name of the last of the Narváez Hurtado, because the clock was ticking and soon it would be in the arms of his mother.

The months passed, the little boy was born but the question still continued to plague Cristina and her husband Jose Narváez, since neither of them showed signs of leaning towards someone in particular despite the intense list of suggestions they received from family, friends and admirers.

The subject was becoming more enigmatic, but after a few weeks of his birth, the celebrity couple would have finally found the right one, because through one of his popular YouTube videos, the presenter revealed that his youngest son will be called nothing more and nothing less than Matthew.

Of course, the news unleashed all kinds of comments on networks, some in favor and others against, however, there was someone in particular who was happy for his choice and it was the famous influencer and winner of the 2017 Super Human Challenge, Mateo Carvajal, who Through his stories and very much in his style, he shared a short video in which he jokingly thanked the couple for «thinking of him», because it is a great name. How funny!

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