MasterChef jury got sick from a dish of a famous participant

Christopher Carpentier, MasterChef jury said he got sick from a dish from a famous participant. What was it that she tasted?

Although in this season of MasterChef Celebrity the central topic of conversation of thousands of Colombians has been the friction, the discussions between some participants and the controversial decisions of the juries, it was recently known a particular anecdote from one of the chefs, which not only drew attention but also generated hundreds of laughs.

Well, during an interview on the renowned Bravísimo entertainment program on Canal CityTv, the Chilean jury Christopher Carpentier He said that he had a terrible experience when trying a preparation from a renowned Colombian actress, which caused him severe damage that left him quite ill for two days.

MasterChef jury got sick from a dish of a famous participant

The topic arose after one of the presenters asked him about what was the worst experience he has had evaluating the preparations of the reality show contestants, to which he answered without any doubt that «the worst dish» that he had to qualify was one made by Margalida Castrolast season.

It turns out that the well-known actress added a lot of garlic to one of the sauces that she had prepared as a companion, which was a complete bombshell for the chef since he suffers from an allergy to this food (information that Castro did not know).

«I was sick for two days in a row because one of the sauces had a lot of garlic»

He reported that the discomfort was such that he was absent for a couple of days, which prevented him from attending the birthday celebration of one of the program’s chefs, which was attended by the rest of his colleagues.

It should be remembered that this dish made the actress leave the reality show, however, in the interview carpenter He emphasized that the relationship he had with Margalida was very good and at the end of the chapter he let her know that she was one of the best people he had met in Colombia.

Similarly, he assured that he and his companions, Jorge Rauch Y Nicholas of Zubiriaare dedicated to evaluating the dishes but not the people who prepare them.

Here is a snippet of the interview:

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