Massages to lose weight, are they as blessed as people say?

It is always said that slimming massages They are very useful for losing volume and a few extra pounds, but some doubts remain about their miraculous effects.

Although people wonder what truths reductive massages hide and if they have any real implications and impacts for the body, we are going to tell you how they work.

Weight loss massages

Being one of the most famous techniques that exist in the world because they are performed anywhere, there is much speculation about its real results. For many, tummy tuck massages are usually the best for losing weight, but the truth is that this practice to lose weight does not work miracles and should always be accompanied by a balanced diet and plenty of exercise routines.

Massages to lose weight, what are they and what are they for?

It is performed using the palms and knuckles of the hands with movements of great force and impact, generating high intensity, which is why they are often somewhat painful. In it, techniques such as kneading, rubbing, hacking, draining or pinching are used. Its main functions would be to eliminate the accumulation of localized fat in different areas of the body and, at the same time, to stylize the contour of the figure. It could also help you improve metabolism processes and reaffirm and tone muscles.

Reducing massages before and after in time

It is very common to use manual processes but also with state-of-the-art devices. They are usually done with heat probes that release fat from the body layers and allow them to be diluted in a short time and eliminated through urine or sweat. Above all, these techniques are very useful in the extremities and abdomen, since a good part of the localized fat is housed there.

However, manual massages are a little more economical and functional since they will have rapid lymphatic effects. Of course, we must recommend that you always attend sessions with professionals on the subject and refrain from doing them at home.

Lose weight with reductive massages

There are those who claim that with this type of reductive massage, you can lose up to 10 cm of volume in the hip and buttocks each month. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence to prove it. Weight loss massages should also not exceed 40 or 45 minutes per session, as it could cause pain and damage some of the upper layers of the skin.

Do reductive massages really work?

Losing weight with this type of procedure is possible, as long as you judiciously follow the recommendations, take the process to a professional and do not eat stories. None of these is a magic formula because you must have a proper diet to know how your body works. You may want to review what to eat before exercising.

Obviously, if they told you that you should not exercise and that the effects of these massages last over time, they are lying to you. Sport will really show the results and for this reason, we show you exercises to lose weight at home here.

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