Mary Méndez received criticism for offering deliveries from her bakery

The presenter of The net, Mary Méndez received criticism for offering addresses from her bakery during the quarantine living due to the coronavirus.

It should be noted that in networks, some celebrities promote the challenge #YoMeQuedoEnCasa, to encourage citizens to stay in their homes and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Mary Méndez received criticism for offering deliveries from her bakery

In addition to dedicating himself to conducting the program The netthe famous presenter Mary Mendez has a bakery in which it offers healthy products, call Fitcook By Mary Méndez.

However, after the arrival of COVID-19 in our countrythe presenter was affected due to the quarantine which the majority of citizens have had to opt for.

For this reason, he chose other alternatives to prevent the arrival of the virus from altering his sales; offered its customers the option of doorstep sale, something that some of his followers did not see with good eyes.

Platform users criticized her and asked her about the health and integrity of employeesbecause in this type of sale they run a greater risk of contagion.

“You should not expose homes, simple if you are concerned that they do not bring sustenance to their homes, then guarantee payment and do not expose them“, «The problem is that economics always prevails before health.»

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Before the comments, the presenter samaria responded:

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