Martina García has a birthday, but they don’t show it!

The actress Martina García is in the middle of the third floor, but you can’t see her anywhere! Awesome!

There are some people in the world who, due to genetics, chance or because they take great care of themselves, it seems that the years will not pass them by. One comes across them and one could perfectly swear that they are no more than 25, when the truth is very different. That is the case of the actress Martina García, whom we knew as Antonia, in the original version of Francis the mathematician almost 20 years ago… And it’s still the same!

Today Martina García is turning 36 years old, and they are not noticeable nowhere!

Martina Garcia seems to have the perfect mix of beauty, youth and talent; she demonstrates it in this video, where he speaks perfect French…

His acting career has made it clear that Martina García is much more than a pretty face

The most recent role of Martina García, in the Netflix series narcshas consolidated its international success

How old would you give Martina Garcia If you ran into her on the street and didn’t know her real age?

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