Mario Cimarro’s girlfriend looks like Danna García, from ‘Pasión de gavilanes’

The characters of Passion of HawksNorma Elizondo and Juan Reyes, had a lot of chemistry on screen and that is why some viewers were surprised to see the resemblance to the actress Danna García de la Mario Cimarro’s girlfriend.

Now that the second part of the soap opera Passion of Hawks is already in recordings, viewers have begun to dig into the lives of the actors who participated in the original and will participate in the next season, which will be marked by a murder.

She is the girlfriend of Mario Cimarro, who is compared to Danna García

Of the three leading couples in this soap opera, the one formed by Danna García (Norma Elizondo) and Juan Reyes (Mario Cimarro) It was for many the center of history. And it is that they had an enormous chemistry on screen, that is why some viewers were surprised to meet the partner of the Cuban actor.

Is named Bronislava Gregušová, is from Slovakia and in 2015 was a finalist for the National Reign of his country; She studied journalism, is a dancer and is dedicated to modeling. They have been engaged since 2019 and she traveled to Colombia to visit her crush during filming. According to several fans of the telenovela, she looks just like danna garcia. What do you think?

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