Mariana Gómez from La Reina del Flow confessed

The actress Mariana Gomez from The Queen of Flow He decided to confess everything on Instagram and left more than one with their mouths open.

This actress, also well known for her role as Daniela Botero in the telenovela Crazy about youdecided to activate the “ask me something” option on his Instagram, and he kept answering!

Mariana Gomez from The Queen of Flow spoke about the novel’s return

Among other things, they asked him about the premiere of the second season of the long-awaited soap opera in which he made his debut as Irma Serna. She replied that…

“…Due to the circumstances we had to stop the recordings, so there is no way of knowing when we finished recording, much less when it will air. Patience.»


Furthermore, she decided to reveal 10 secrets of his life intimate that no one knew:

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