Margarita Rosa de Francisco will vote for Petro, but does not recommend voting for him

Though Margarita Rosa de Francisco will vote for PetroAs he confirmed on his social networks, he does not feel capable of advising anyone to vote for him.

There are several celebrities from the Creole show business who have caused controversy on social networks for their political opinions and, especially, about the candidates for the presidency of the Republic of Colombia. Let us remember, for example, the commotion that the singer Marbelle has created more than once with her posts, such as when she compared Francia Márquez with King Kong.

The actress and singer Margarita Rosa de Francisco does not shy away from these types of issues and, on the contrary, on her Twitter account she is very active in this regard, despite the fact that she clarified that she is not interested in participating in politics, much less being a candidate. .

Margarita Rosa de Francisco will vote for Petro and it is the only vote for which she responds

On her official Twitter account @Margaritarosadf, the first Gaviota published a trill that caused a stir, not only because of the content itself, but because for some Internet users it was confusing.

“I don’t feel capable of advising anyone to vote for Petro. He will have my vote, yes. It is the only vote that I can be held responsible for.”


«Intelligent, because that way they won’t be able to blame you later, it hurts me that something mistrusts you»

“Respectable but bad message Margarita, because she is revealing that she hesitates to recommend”

«But Margarita, if you know very well the political project of @petrogustavo and have confidence in it, I think you can openly advise the vote for Petro»

“It’s like saying: ‘I smoked bazuco but I don’t advise anyone to smoke. I’m going to smoke it in your face but if you do, I’m not responsible’”

They were some of the comments that his trill received.

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